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Southwest Campus - Bismarck

Grand Forks, ND

The Southwest Campus includes the Bismarck/Mandan community as well as faculty and teaching facilities in Dickinson, Hazen-Beulah, Elgin , Fort Yates, and Hettinger. All of these areas have outstanding primary care physicians and the larger cities also have excellent faculty in the various specialty services. All primary, specialty, and most subspecialty disciplines are available on this campus. Many of the faculty in these communities have consistently received rave reviews by medical students.

The Bismarck-Mandan Chamber of Commerce describes our community this way: "Welcome to a community that feels like home as soon as you step into it. Bismarck-Mandan combines the progressive technology of a large city with the sincere friendliness of a small town, making it a true home.

Arts and culture thrive amid the large and small towns of the prairies. Cozy art galleries burst with unique offerings, from wheat weavings to exquisite original paintings. Words of classical or modern playwrights leap off the pages and come to life in community theatres. The arts community in Bismarck-Mandan gives you the chance to become personally involved; to actually make a difference in whatever area you choose.

If you love sports, Bismarck-Mandan is your place. Savor the invigorating air as you walk, run, or ride your bike on one of the scenic recreation trails. The constantly changing beauty of the four seasons ensures that the routes never become boring. Whether you like to jog, play league softball, or sit in the stands on a clear fall night and cheer a high school or college football team to victory, Bismarck-Mandan offers you the best of many choices in sports.

Even if your sport is just a stroll around the block, our lush, well-kept cities make every step enjoyable. People greet you as you walk down the street, and a very low crime rate lets you relax and say 'hello' too."

Even more important to medical students, of course, is the Medical Community which includes over 200 practitioners and about 150 active UNDSMHS faculty from almost all medical disciplines from Anesthesiology to Thoracic Surgery, from Endocrinology to Fertility Specialist, from Hospitalist Psychiatry to Sports Medicine. The two major healthcare systems here are MedCenter One (which includes the Q and R Clinic and multiple hospitals across the state) and PrimeCare (which includes St. Alexius Medical Center, MidDakota Clinic, Heart and Lung Clinic, The Bone and Joint Center, and a number of independent physicians).

St. Alexius Medical Center lays claim to being the first hospital in the Dakota Territory founded in 1885, and emphasizes the Values of its sponsoring Benedictine Sisters. MedCenter One lays claim to being the first hospital between Minneapolis and Seattle to establish a Cobalt Therapy Unit in 1959, and is a community fully integrated medical system. Both medical centers are about 300 beds and offer full services, and both medical systems have received acclaim and numerous awards for excellence. While there is competition between the systems, the predominant mood in the medical community is one of cooperation and mutual respect, especially with regard to the teaching of medical students and residents.

The Center for Family Medicine located just below the administrative offices of the UNDSMHS in Bismarck is home to the only residency program on the southwest campus, which some consider the best in the state. There are a total of 15 Family Practice residents in the community which provides a healthy opportunity for medical students to learn from residents without sacrificing the personal attention of preceptor and attending faculty.

Both Medical Centers as well as the recently renovated UNDSMHS office have libraries, computers, study rooms, and lounges for medical students. Discounted meal service is available at both medical centers and free parking is available at St.Alexius Medical Center.

The Campus Dean is Nick Neumann, MD, MMM, who is a Professor of Internal Medicine with additional Board Certification in pulmonary and critical care medicine, and in medical management. He trained at Wayne State University in Detroit and has been actively involved in the curriculum and teaching program at UNDSMHS since coming to Bismarck in 1980. Though his focus is now administrative, he received the SW Campus Outstanding Teacher of the Year award in 1986 and 1992. His interests include career counseling, history, and medical ethics and he is an educator for the AMA's Education for Physicians on End-of-Life Care.

The Campus Office Administrative Officer and Administrative Assistants include Lonna Augustadt, who is Dr. Neumann's "right hand", facilitating the management of our office work, and is always able to provide a sympathetic ear and help solve problems; Maxine Johnson, who primarily works with the students, faculty and campus physician supervisors of Obstetrics/Gynecology, Pediatrics, and Psychiatry clerkships; and Jodi Rathjen , our newest staff addition, who primarily works with the students, faculty, and campus physician supervisors of Internal Medicine and Surgery clerkships as well as assisting Beth Stroup-Menge with the Mentoring for Youth Program.

The Campus Physician Supervisors are all Board Certified in their respective specialities and very experienced and interested in helping to make the medical student's learning experience as fruitful as possible. They include:

Surgery A. Michael Booth, M.D., Ph.D., cardiothoracic surgeon
Internal Medicine John Hagan, M.D, internist
Pediatrics Joan Connell, M.D, pediatrician
OB/GYN Jerry Obritsch, M.D, F.A.C.O.G.,obstetrician and gynecologist
Psychiatry Albert Samuelson, M.D, psychiatrist
Family Practice Robert Beattie, M.D. & Roger Schauer, M.D, family physicians

The Bismarck Campus also offers an opportunity for third and fourth year medical students to volunteer to participate in a service-learning program, (approximately one hour per week) mentoring adolescent youth "at-risk" for unhealthy behaviors. This program has been a good opportunity for students to learn more about adolescents and community services and "make a difference" at the same time. This Mentoring for Youth program is coordinated by UNDSMHS adjunct faculty Elizabeth Stroup-Menge, licensed addiction counselor and social worker.

Southwest Campus - Bismarck
P.O. Box 1975
Bismarck, ND 58502-1975
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