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Rural Opportunities in Medicine (ROME)

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Planning Session

Prior to or during the first week with a new preceptor an orientation meeting should occur between the student, the site coordinator, and identified preceptor(s) to discuss your educational needs and expectations for the forthcoming weeks. Completion of the following Learner Contract, including weekly review, may assist in monitoring progress or pursuing necessary changes. Review progress, using both the learner contract and the student evaluation form, midway through and at the end of each clinical rotation.

Other issues for discussion include:

1. expectations for case presentations; patient evaluation and management responsibilities.

2. the preceptor's approach to:

a. health care,
b. interaction with the health care system,
c. continuing education,
d. community responsibilities.

3. the daily patient schedule for the clinic and hospital.

4. the on-call schedule (every third night is the accepted norm).

5. allotted time to study and complete research (allow one-half day per week).

6. set time and expectations for mid-clerkship formative evaluation.

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