Northwest Campus




Mercy Medical Center-Williston


SURG 9406


Preceptor(s):  Wayne L. Anderson, MD                 


Period(s) offered and number of students per period:  All periods (1 student per period)


Purpose:  To provide education and experience in the care of patients requiring general surgery services.


Objectives: Following successful completion of this elective, the student will be able to:


1.  Demonstrate basic operative principles and techniques, recognize surgically treated diseases and provide

     care for the surgical patient.

2.  Elicit relevant history of present illness, perform surgery focused physical examination, formulate a

     working diagnosis, and correlate this working diagnosis with operative and pathological findings.

3.  Demonstrate basic principles of surgical critical care.

4.  Perform the ABCs of trauma care.


Instructional Activities: During this elective, the student will be involved in/experience:


  1. Assisting with preoperative and postoperative care of surgical patients and participating with the preceptor in daily patient rounds.
  2. Scrubbing in the operating room in the role of first assistant, participating in instructional activities related to basic surgical techniques, and surgical interventions.
  3. Discussing daily reading assignments.

4.   Participating in outpatient surgical care.


Criteria for Grading: During and following this elective, the preceptor will:


  1. Evaluate the studentŐs understanding of assigned reading.

2.     Evaluate the studentŐs professionalism.

3.     Evaluate by direct observation the quality of the studentŐs clinical and surgical skills.

4.     Utilize the standardized UNDSMHS senior elective evaluation form. 


Revised:  December 2014